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Social Media Marketing Strategies

We at BRAVO are serious about growing your business with social media marketing through using our resources and our trusted team of experts to create social media strategies for your business and improve ‘hands-on’ use of social media, by creating THE PLAN to set and manage social media marketing to support your commercial goals.

Many companies now a day are using social media tactically by posting updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. But few have a social media strategy which helps them use social media to support their business goals. Our social media plans are created to be part of a complete bundle, especially when it’s part of an integrated E-communications strategy where Social media works together with Search, Email and Content marketing.

Our social media strategy focuses on:

Setting goals for ROI and performance from social media marketing

How to create an integrated social media marketing strategy

The tools and techniques to start a social presence

Practical “how-to” implement on getting more from all social media effective platforms.

Reviewing and deciding on the changes you need to make to improve your online marketing results


Facebook is a global phenomenon, and it has over one billion active monthly users worldwide. And to guarantee engaging your professional share of these users with your brand is an increasing challenge. How do you make the most of this opportunity to market your brand? That’s our business and our duty to provide you with through;

  • Setting up and review your business page that makes the most of Facebook’s features
  • Creating a plan for managing Facebook communications of your business
  • Growing your fans and engage them through status updates
  • Use Facebook advertising cost-effectively
  • Encourage sharing and advocacy amongst your fans
  • Encourage sales through Facebook

LinkedIn :

LinkedIn has over 275 million business members worldwide. Therefore, it considers as a vital platform to communicate with prospects and customer; especially when you are involved in business-to-business marketing. It’s attractive as a low-cost channel but it also offers paid promotion opportunities.

In the same time, at a personal level, LinkedIn is also essential to your career. Developing your network and showcasing your experience is part of business life.

We at Bravo provide strategies and tips on how to maximize the usage of this network by building and targeting connections to meet your goals.

  • How to refresh your personal profile to develop more connections
  • Creating an effective company profile
  • Establishing your successful LinkedIn Group
  • Integrate LinkedIn into a B2B marketing campaign
  • Engage your audience through the right type of status update


As the newest and fastest growing of the “Big Four” social networks, companies need to work out the best way to use Google+ to support their business.Although relatively new amongst the social network, Google+ now has over 500 million users worldwide, with over 300 million active ‘in-stream’ users. This wide reach means it should be considered by both B2C and B2B brands as the examples in this guide show.

For such importance, BRAVO prides to provide its you with;

  • Setting up and reviewing  your company page which makes the most of the Google+ features
  • Creating a plan for managing Google+
  • Growing your followers in Circles
  • Using Google+ to find and interact with influencers
  • Encouraging your  sales through Google+

Twitter :

As a mature social network, Twitter has become a key marketing platform to support marketing for consumer brands, business-to-business companies, not-for-profits and for personal use.As with other social networks, sharing of your content gives you an opportunity to reach new audiences and drive visitors to your site. However, Twitter has its own vibe, etiquette and tools which require some “insider knowledge”.

Our Twitter services will include:

  • Setting up your business Twitter profile and/or updating it to use the latest features
  • Creating a plan to manage communications with Twitter to support your marketing goals
  • Approaches and tools to use to help you increase your followers
  • Tools to use for outreach to other people
  • Inspiring examples and options for creating business and personal profiles and running campaigns
  • Integrating Twitter with your site, social media and email marketing


Many countries are using YouTube as the second largest search engine after Google. It is also one of the top 5 social networks in many countries, so videos that have ‘gone viral’ have transformed startup business or boosted the success of marketing campaigns.Believing so, BRAVO provides you with its exceptional services to grow your business through:

  • Creating a YouTube marketing strategy: developing a planned approach to your video content leading to more traffic and ultimately sales.
  • Ideas to engage your audience with video: Tools and methods to help you generate great ideas for your video content which support your marketing objectives. Includes 9 core types of business video to consider for YouTube.
  • Video promotion techniques: promoting your videos so they receive a large number of views and a high level of engagement.
  • Real life case studies. BRAVO will present to you many examples to inspire new approaches for promoting your brand through showing how YouTube has helped other businesses promote their brand.


In March 2014, Instagram announced it had passed the milestone of 200 million monthly active unique users and with 1.6 billion Likes daily this shows its potential as a platform for engaging consumers.Instagram has become the fastest-growing platform of the main social networks, after it was acquired by Facebook. Specially it gives a great opportunity for your business to engage audiences with brands.BRAVO Instagram marketing services will help you tap into the consumer activity on Instagram to grow your business through;

  • Creating a plan: by using integrated communications to support your customer acquisition and retention.
  • Instagram Setup: Setting up or revitalizing your account.
  • Instagram campaign examples. Providing examples from well-known brands to smaller businesses showing how Instagram can be used.
  • Campaign evaluation. Tools and KPIs to measure Instagram effectiveness.

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