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Now more than ever, developing a clear integrated approach to your online marketing is critical to your success. Many companies, are approaching online marketing, with a mixture of things that they’ve always been doing, such as email marketing. It’s been the same approach for the past five, ten, maybe fifteen years. Search engine optimization, may have been Integrated into the approach, and sometimes the people doing the search engine optimization or content development are not the same people that are also doing the social media.

Or maybe one person is responsible for everything. However, it requires you to take a step back, and look at everything that you’re attempting to do online. You see regardless of whether you’re working with a team, or you’re the only person responsible for all of the online marketing. The specialties and responsibilities are constantly being blurred. If you’re responsible for SEO, then you’re also going to asked to do things that might require a knowledge of search-engine marketing, social media marketing, analytics, and maybe understanding what’s happening on the site from a technical perspective.

And of course there’s new social media being developed almost monthly. And it’s your responsibility to understand how it should work, how the company can use it and can we make money with it. You see, the demands on your time are only going to increase. All of this work, all of these social media, all of the knowledge that requires to market online, is only going to continue to increase and gain in responsibility and more demands.

Things are rarely going to level off, or go backwards in terms of the demands on your time. And so an integrated approach should enable you to understand completely how your social media, you’re search engine optimization, your pay per click campaigns, your email campaigns and you’re measurement and your analytics should all come together. You should have an understanding about how each of these are utilized to reach a certain segment of people, and how to measure the success and the cross channel integration of each of these. See partly, what happens is people that are responsible for social media, they’re in that first line of hearing a customer complaint.

And sometimes what happens is they’ll say that, I’m not responsible for that, that’s a call center. Or, that’s something that happens in operations. Your customers don’t care about your title. They don’t care if your only responsibility is social media marketing or watching the comments on Facebook or to gain rankings through SCO. If you work for that company, you are a representative of that company, and you need to be able to articulate the goals of the company and the responses. That have been planned for any type of complaint or approach through social media.

And based on that, your company’s message needs to be integrated and clear across all these channels. You see, regardless if you use YouTube, if you blog, if you use Facebook, also have a company website, in your emails your paper click all of these things need to clearly articulate the message of your company. So as we look at the integrated approach that’s necessary for online marketing. Number one, your message has to be consistent.

And number two, it has to be clear. If you were to look at every single message that your company gives in a month, whether it’s from email, whether it is your paperclip campaign, or your social media campaigns, is your message clear? If people go to your Facebook page, and they also receive an email, are they receiving the same brand message? Are they receiving the same marketing messages? Evaluate all of your communications for clarity and consistency, and that should tell you right away if your company is marketing through an integrated approach across all media. So let’s take a quick assessment.

How much of your day is spent reacting to problems? Putting out fires, or finding things that need to be done that take you away from your intended plan. Measure that against how much of your day is spent executing a clear strategy. How much of your day is based on a plan, for approaching different media, and promoting your company through specific tasks, be it Facebook or Twitter or email. How much of your day is spent executing a clear plan of reaching people through specific methods.

See, that’s the question. Many companies approach all of these different media, but without a clear plan that integrates everything with a predictable result. You see, if you can’t measure it, you can’t change it. If you can’t change it, then there’s no clear goal. And so, many companies also ask, how much time and effort should they put into social media? That tells me that it’s still a mystery as to how to use social media to communicate the goals of the company. To use it to market effectively.

And so if social media is still a mystery. We need to, again, put that into our assessment. And realize that social media is an enhancement, to all of the marketing that a company does, but it needs to be under a clear integrated plan.


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